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Balfour Castle

Luxury dining...

Orkney is famous for its award-winning local beef and the finest seafood from hand-dived scallops to lobster.

Luxury dining requires little more than these quality ingredients from our local larder though you may agree that the addition of our award-winning French Chef, Jean- Baptiste Bady transforms the simple to the sublime. All produce is seasonal and sourced locally wherever possible from our own guns' game to our luxury home made preserves. 

Balfour's exquisite luxury dining is also available to non-resident guests in groups of ten or more.

Allow the Castle private charter boat to whisk you across the short stretch of sea to Shapinsay and experience the gastronomic delights of Chef's masterfully created 7 course taster menu. Alternatively opt for the 3 course lunch or dinner menu and experience the taste of Balfour.

Sourcing Ingredients

From the surrounding Orkney waters we source lobster, langoustine, scallops and crab. Our Head Chef has created his signature starter Crab Tian, perfectly balanced flavours ensuring the delicate taste of the crab is brought to the fore by a beautifully blended and Orkney produced Highland Park sauce. The ultimate Balfour partnership. 

Our local award-winning beef is world famous. Reared on fertile pasture our cattle provide us with fillet of beef, slow cooked to create a butter-soft delicacy. Wild duck from our own guns is tamed into culinary submission and terrines of game served with homemade bread  washed down with a gutsy French red are also Balfour classics.

The two-acre Victorian walled Castle gardens, designed by Castle architect David Bryce, include the original glass peach house, an enviable addition in its day producing exotic fruit never before seen on Orkney shores.

Today we grow an array of ingredients to supply the Castle kitchen. Balfour Castle's gardens grew the first potatoes on the island and nowadays we also boast Chef's continental influence such as globe artichokes to supplement our staples. Rhubarb grows bountifully to feature in our own jam and the south-facing brick wall of the walled gardens boasts Espalier grown apples that take centre stage in our Balfour chutney.

From delicate herbs to robust root vegetables, your Balfour fine dining experience has been masterfully created from our local larder with a proud culinary heritage. All we add is a debonair French flair to the taste of Orkney to present you with Balfour's gastronomic odyssey.